This Month

This summer, we'll be donating to the PanMass Challenge, and very close friends of OCAMF, Dennis and Lori Manning. Every dollar we raise this summer will go towards this terrific organization. And, if you'd like to give more than your monthly donation, you can support their ride by clicking here, or you can make a general donation here. Next time you go out for a bike ride, remember that Dennis and Lori ride up to 50 miles a day to train for this event. And they're helping raise millions of dollars to help cancer patients, both current and future. With your help, we can eliminate this awful disease.

You can also
click here and let us what charity you'd like to see included in the coming months.

Last Month

YOU just raised over $120 to help the National Kidney Foundation. Thanks to all for your generosity. Remember, tell everyone you know to visit the site.


Beginning in August 2009, we'll be listing the charities for each of the upcoming months, so you'll know in advance where your money will be going.
We don't want you to have to donate a lot — even when the economy is doing well, donating to just ONE cause can be difficult. That's one of the reasons we started the One Charity a Month Foundation — to make it easier for everyone to help others.
Welcome to the home of the One Charity a Month Foundation. Our mission is quite simple — if we all give a little, it adds up to a lot. The OCAM Foundation was founded to honor the strength of one person, and the possibility to help many. To learn more, read our story. So, here's how it works…
Donate a dollar
Yes, one dollar — that's all we're asking. If you can donate one dollar a month, just $12 a year, that's enough. The goal isn't to have a few people donating all the money. What we'd really like is to have MANY people donate a little. Why? Because we want you to…
Pass the word along
You tell your friends, family, coworkers — anyone you can think of — about the site and the (wonderful) cause. It's like that old commercial — you tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on. The more we spread the word, the more people donate a dollar a month, the more we help. If we can keep this idea rolling, just imagine how much we can raise, and how many people can benefit.
Check back

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As a music buff, I love finding music that, for some reason, is inspiring. Here are a few songs that have some meaning — for me at least…

Hope (Alex Lifeson)
Hope, Alex Lifeson
Stand By Me, Playing for Change
One Love, Playing for Change