Welcome to the One Charity a Month Foundation. Our mission is quite simple — to help those organizations who help others. Individually, our donations make a statement. Together, we can make a difference. Like you see in our logo, we want to make change with your change.

Every month, we'll take whatever money is collected and donate it to a specific charity. And we'll change that charity monthly, to make sure we're helping as many people as we can. Click the 'Our Story' link below to learn more about the Foundation and why it was started. Remember, anything you donate helps. If we all donate just one dollar a month, imagine how much we can do.

Our Story

Inspired? Yes I am.
Have you ever been inspired by someone's courageousness? Has there ever been a time when you thought, "I wish I could help."? Sometimes, we're inspired and we don't even know it. Sometimes, it takes time for that lightbulb to go off — for us to say, "I know what I'm going to do." For me, it's taken about four years.

See, my inspiration started when my wife was diagnosed with MS. As you can imagine, it was not an easy thing to deal with, and I didn't do a good job. It was tough to accept that this disease, which I knew nothing about, was going to totally take over our lives. But a funny thing happened. It didn't. Not much of my doing, that's for sure. My wife gets all the credit. Every day she battles — some days are certainly harder than others. But I've never heard her say, "Poor me."

Which got me thinking.
Of course, every day I want to help my wife. She lives with MS and still rarely thinks about herself. She's always thinking of helping others. But what can I do — for her and the many who battle MS? And that got me thinking… my niece, who is courageously battling ulceritive colitis — how could I help her? What about people like my dad, how have battled prostate cancer? And what about people I don't even know? How could I help Katrina vicitms, or those who lost family during 9/11?

I watched close friends — who I truly admire for their selflessness and generosity — raise money through different avenues. Leo, who raised money for the Leukemia Society by running the marathon. Dennis and Lori, who take a weekend away from their family to ride in the Pan Mass Challenge, raising thousands of dollars. They did it, but what could I do? I had no idea. Until…

Can you believe that?
Until my wife and I talked about that story, one that many of us hear, in some form, over and over. The story about someone who puts his/her plight on the internet, and gets total strangers to donate to his/her cause. Only the stories we hear are rarely for something worth donating to — one person's car payment, tax bill, personal augmentation surgery, college loan — the list goes on and on. And my reaction was probably like yours, "Can you believe they did that, and made money?"

What if…
That's when I thought, why not do the same thing for something? What if we could get people — total strangers, even — to donate just one dollar. If this idea spread, and people donated just one dollar, that could be amazing. Then I started to dream — what if i send it to 50 people, who each send it to 50 people, and it keeps going. What if, somehow, this thing spreads like wildfire. What if…

Well, there's only one way to find out, and you're reading it. So here we go. You've read this far, so now it's your turn. Let's get this site out to as many people as we can. If we keep the momentum moving forward, this could be something special.

Just One Dollar.
We're not asking you to donate a lot of money. In fact, the whole idea is simply to donate ONE dollar each month. What we'd really like is for you to send this site to someone you know, and have them do the same. If we all donate just one dollar, imagine the possibilities.
One dollar. One charity. One month. Make change with your change.