Deciding on a charity
Our goal is to help as many people as we can. The criteria we have for deciding on an organization is quite simple: they have to help others, and they should do it on a larger scale. While we know how important physical activity for kids truly is, donating to one local town's playground fund isn't our priority. Sure, it does help one community, but there are larger organizations that can help a broader range of people.

Think the Red Cross or National Heart Association. That's the scale we're thinking. Now, that doesn't mean we won't consider a local charity — in fact, we have no reason not to consider EVERY charity. But we'd like to have the dollars collected go to helping a larger number of people. Make sense?

This Month's Charity

This month we'll be donating to the PanMass Challenge, and very close friends of OCAMF, Dennis and Lori Manning. Every dollar we raise this summer will go towards this terrific organization. And, if you'd like to give more than your monthly donation, you can support their ride by clicking here, or you can make a general donation here.

If you'd like to know why we chose that organization, click here. You can also click here and let us what charity you'd like to see included in the coming months.

Suggested Charities

Here's a list of charities you've suggested since we've launched the site. If you'd like to add to this list, please contact us.

• Lupus Foundation
• Crohn's and Colitis Foundation
• Breast Cancer (Susan G. Komen)
• American Cancer Society
• Make A Wish Foundation
• Habitat for Humanity
• Tomorrow Fund (for Children with Cancer)
• National Parkinsons Foundation
• Special Olympics
One dollar. One charity. One month. Make change with your change.